"Tatnall is not just a school. It's a way of life."
-Frances D.S. Tatnall

Congratulations, you are a Hornet!

Enrollment Checklist

Please find below a checklist for preparing for Fall 2020! Please feel free to contact the Office of Admissions with any questions at admissions@tatnall.org.
Sign the Enrollment Contract
Students who have decided on Tatnall should sign the enrollment agreement by logging into your MyTatnall account and submitting a 10% deposit within two weeks of receiving your letter.

Please note to log into MyTatnall, you will go to www.tatnall.org and click "MyTatnall" in the top right corner. You will use the same login information that you used to complete your child's application. You will see highlighted in yellow "(1) Contract to Complete" upon logging in. Click it and complete the contract. At the end, it will require a 10% deposit in order to submit the contract. Please note that there is a one time, 3% credit card convenience fee for using a credit card. If you prefer to submit cash or a check to The Office of Enrollment, please just print out the contract, sign it and submit it with the 10% deposit within two weeks of receiving your acceptance. If you require more time, please reach out to The Office of Enrollment for an extension. If you have any trouble, please contact the Office of Enrollment at admissions@tatnall.org or 302-892-4387. 

Enrollment Paperwork -
For those families who have completed their contract and are officially Hornets, you now have registration paperwork available on your MyTatnall parent account. In a yellow ribbon at the top of your login page, you will see "(1) Form to Complete."
This form contains all of your child's language/elective options (for middle and upper school); as well as, a lot of other pertinent information for preparing for the fall. Please complete this form within one week of receiving it, so we can build your child's schedule and coordinate their placement testing.

Tuition Payment Plans and Refund Plans
FACTS Management
If you chose a payment plan to pay the remainder of your tuition balance, you will need to register for a FACTS Management account. Please click here to access FACTS Management.

The Tuition Refund Plan
If your payment plan requires it and/or your family prefers to take out a Tuition Refund Plan, once you enroll, please register for a Tuition Refund Plan. Please click here to learn more about the Tuition Refund Plan.

Magnus Health Forms Available
Please click here to read more about how to complete your child's Magnus Health Forms.

New Students - Save the Date!

Upper School Placement Exams (Language and Math):
*Required for all new upper school students
Now taking place online and coordinated through the Upper School.

Middle School Placement Exams (Language and Math):
*Required for all new middle school students
Now taking place online and coordinated through the Middle School.

Upper School New Student Academic Orientation:
Monday, September 3, 2020
*Required for all new Upper School students.

Orientation for PK3 - Grade 8:
Tuesday, September 8, 2020
*Required for all new PK3 - Grade 8 students.

1st Day of School - All Grades:
Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Tuition and Payment Plan Information

Your Enrollment Team

Talia Busby Titus
Director of Enrollment and Financial Aid
(302) 892-4303

Alissa McGrisken
Associate Director of
Enrollment and Financial Aid
(302) 892-4296

Pam Brice
Admissions Associate
(302) 892-4285