Middle School

Middle School Philosophy

Middle School children are moving developmentally to a student-centered perspective, with a wider view of the world where their own ideas and interactions with peers are crucial. We must educate them in a way that taps into their growing understanding, not just of the content but of themselves and how they may apply their learning while giving them firm structure and support for their questioning and exploration of their world. Also, Middle School should be fun and filled with the buzz of active learning. It’s not Middle School without laughter!


3 Fun Facts about Middle School Head, Brendan Minihan

Favorite Subject in School: Recess! No, jk… English.

Hobby people would never guess: Cooking, especially Cajun and Creole cuisine.

Favorite Teacher, you had and why: Ms. Guma, my drama teacher, believed in me and taught me to be bold and put myself out there in uncomfortable situations. She taught me that I could do hard things, and she showed that she cared about me.

Curriculum Overview

The faculty develop a robust curriculum with a personalized approach and a supportive relationship that will meet the needs of our students. Our teachers model innovative learning, teach through differentiated instruction, and coach students to build a strong sense of identity, which helps to create an environment where children want to belong, collaborate, and contribute.

Key features of our program include hands-on experiential learning, public speaking skills through projects and presentations, and leadership skills. We develop these skills progressively through their Middle School experience, starting small and building to signature keynote presentations, such as the 8th-grade speech, the History Nexus project, and the Sludge Lab in Science (more on these in the curriculum tiles). In addition to achieving excellence in our academic program, all students study visual arts, performance arts, health and wellness, and physical education and engage in social-emotional learning through our Advisory program and community-building initiatives.