Lower School

Lower School Philosophy

We recognize that our learners are individuals with unique interests, abilities, strengths, and goals. We strive to support each student in developing the academic, social, and emotional skills to reach and exceed their potential. Our exceptional and dedicated faculty spark each student’s enthusiasm for learning through authentic and engaging work that ignites collaboration, curiosity, problem-solving, and critical thinking. We believe in a joyful, supportive learning environment where the student's voice is appreciated and relationships are valued.


3 Fun Facts about Lower School Head Kim Wagner

I don’t think there is anything better than Oreos dunked in milk.

I grew up a NY Giants fan, but have been a die-hard Eagles fan since starting college.

I am a Tri-Del. I earned all three of my degrees from the University of Delaware.

Explore the Lower School Curriculum

Our Lower School curriculum is rich with hands-on, authentic experiences that build the foundational skills essential for academic achievement. Our faculty cultivate cohesive and supportive classroom communities where building relationships is paramount, and differentiated instruction meets the needs of our learners. Students are engaged daily in their core academic classes. The weekly schedule includes signature special programs like music, art, drama, health and P.E., STEM and robotics, and world language. Our teachers design exciting cross-curricular projects to expand students’ understanding and apply their knowledge to real-world learning. We take full advantage of our 110-acre campus and incorporate outdoor learning opportunities into all areas of our curriculum.

Leadership, public speaking, service learning, and connections with others are essential components of our daily Community Gathering. Social-emotional skill development is integrated into all aspects of the Lower School experience. We build skills in empathy and conflict resolution to develop well-rounded citizens, and we emphasize the role that respect and responsibility play in developing positive members of our community.