A Message from the Head of School

These changes are amazing and almost bewildering, yet when we come to examine them, we find that there has been no change in our objectives but only a widening of our horizon in order to keep pace with the broader scope of our opportunities.

As Head of School, I am honored and proud to carry on Mrs. Tatnall’s legacy, especially when it comes to widening our horizons and embracing opportunities. Recently, our community came together to distill the Tatnall essence into three core values - values which we believe are essential for delivering a dynamic educational experience and creating a community of trust and responsibility:

Curiosity - Perseverance - Citizenship

This formula is one that permeates the many generations of Tatnall. We believe it succinctly encapsulates our challenging, diverse curriculum, the host of knowledgeable faculty that creates a level of achievement that exceeds all expectations, and the vibrant, enthusiastic community that supports all of our learners in their myriad quests for excellence.

Tatnall is more than just an excellent college-preparatory education; it is an unparalleled student experience that allows all learners to graduate as well-rounded change-makers, prepared for a future where they will succeed. Their ambitions can be amazing and almost bewildering - but when we examine them, we find that they are commensurate with the widening horizon of opportunity brought about by a 21st-century world, and we applaud them. We have no doubt that Mrs. Tatnall would be proud.  

If you are looking for an outstanding school for your child and a community that will welcome your family with open arms, there is no better place than Tatnall.

Join us today to broaden your horizons and embrace the full scale of your child’s potential! 

Welcome to Tatnall!

Sincerely yours,

Andrew D. Martire, Ed.D., Head of Tatnall School

Andrew D. Martire, Ed.D.
Head of School


Exciting News in Lower School

Starting in the 2024-2025 academic year, Kindergarten will move to the Lower School, and Early Childhood will welcome a new program for two-year-olds. We made this decision with careful consideration and the desire to provide our learners with a traditional preschool and elementary school experience, ensuring a smooth transition into their future academic journey. Moreover, Early Childhood enrollment is up over 30% this year; the new program for two-year-olds will enable Tatnall to capitalize on the rapidly growing community interest in our School. 

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