The Ederic Library Renovation Project

The Ederic Library has been a foundational space for The Tatnall School since its construction over 50 years ago. The library functions as the central nervous system of the Beekley building, serving not only as a public gathering and resource space for students but as a showpiece of the campus that greets visitors and parents as they arrive at Tatnall.

Over the last decade, profound advancements in educational technology and multimedia have mitigated the utility of the Ederic Library’s learning resources, which compose over 50% of the current floor plan. The space is, therefore, underutilized and oversaturated with outdated materials.

This is a perfect opportunity to REIMAGINE the form, function, and features of the Ederic Library to create a transformative central learning space for Tatnall.

Imagine a Learning Commons where teachers of any subject can use flexible learning spaces to enhance their lessons and where students eagerly flock to collaborate, inspire, design, and create.
Imagine a central gathering space to greet our community that is a visual representation of our commitment to STEM, Innovation, Collaboration, and Community.
Imagine a showpiece Eco-Courtyard synonymous with the quality and class of a Tatnall education and our commitment to green spaces, outdoor learning, and eco-friendly technology.