Isabella Dini '25 Reads Tender Tale to Tatnall Second Graders

Current senior Isabella Dini ’25, was selected last spring to attend The American Legion Auxiliary’s Delaware Girls State Program this past summer. The ALA DE Girl’s State program has been training high school girls for leadership roles via a week-long “simulated government” experience. Through this experience, these girls assume the roles of future leaders – they run for and hold offices that mirror our state’s elected offices from Governor to State Auditor. They also learn the fundamentals of the legislative process, the three branches of government, and parliamentary procedures. An additional feature of the program includes the requirement that each girl must write her own bill and defend it in hopes of making it a Girls State law. 

From this program, Isabella was one of 2 Delaware students selected to attend The ALA’s Girls' Nation in DC. Isabella quoted this experience as “one of the best experiences of [her] life.” She continued, “I got to meet with so many young women from all over the country to talk about politics.” When asked more about the DC conference and what she liked most, Isabella replied: 

I got the chance to learn about issues that concerned the other girls and their communities that I hadn't previously known about. I loved that I was able to debate with these girls during our senate sessions and also become close friends with them in the dining hall.

  At this convention, Isabella received a copy of a book, Here at Home, by Sarah Verardo to give to our library and had the opportunity to read to a student audience here at Tatnall!

 Here at Home is a story about Sarah’s husband, who was wounded while fighting in Afghanistan and ended up needing a prosthetic leg. Her three children, particularly her daughter, Grace, never saw anything different about their dad. However, many of Grace’s friends and classmates were curious and couldn’t grasp what happened. Sarah decided to write this book to explain to younger children that just because someone’s external appearance is different, it doesn’t change who they are on the inside. 

Isabella returned to her old stomping ground and read to her former second-grade teacher, Mrs. Echternach’s second grade class, in the very same classroom where she used to sit. The class sat with wide eyes and gave Isabella their full attention. She thought the students were receptive to the portion she read and was extremely happy to share this story with them. 

 Our Tatnall students always seek to go above and beyond while maintaining an open-minded sense of curiosity. We couldn’t be more proud of Isabella and all her accomplishments!

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