Ederic Library Renovation

Over the last decade, profound advancements in educational technology and multimedia have mitigated the utility of the Ederic Library’s learning resources, which compose over 50% of the current floor plan. The space is, therefore, underutilized and oversaturated with outdated materials.

This is a perfect opportunity to REIMAGINE the form, function, and features of the Ederic Library to create a transformative central learning space for Tatnall.

Imagine a Learning Commons where teachers of any subject can use flexible learning spaces to enhance their lessons and where students eagerly flock to collaborate, inspire, design, and create.

Imagine a central gathering space to greet our community that is a visual representation of our commitment to STEM, Innovation, Collaboration, and Community.

Imagine a showpiece Eco-Courtyard synonymous with the quality and class of a Tatnall education and our commitment to green spaces, outdoor learning, and eco-friendly technology.