Jack Wilkinson '21

What is your favorite athletic memory as a Tatnall Hornet?
Our most recent lacrosse game against Newark Charter. Making a huge fourth quarter comeback and scoring a goal with 2.8 seconds left to send it to overtime, and eventually winning in overtime, on Senior Day.

What is the most important lesson playing sports at Tatnall taught you?
How to work with different people and different type of relationships. Knowing how to navigate working together with equals, respecting and obeying your coaches, captains and elders, teaching the younger kids, and working together for a bigger goal, with teammates that form a family. It also teaches you about personal improvement, and instills discipline and motivation to push your limits mentally and physically. 

What was the biggest difficulty you faced in your athletic career, and how did you overcome it?
The mental aspect of comparing myself to my brother in lacrosse. Before my junior year, I always denied it, but it genuinely bothered me that my brother was better at lacrosse, so I connotated a negative feeling to the sport as a whole. In order to cope, I began to not care about the sport. I overcame this by taking on the challenge instead of running away from it. My junior year winter season, I quit basketball and worked out and practiced lacrosse every single day; weekends, holidays, every single day. I improved dramatically in lacrosse and put on 20 pounds of muscle, while improving my speed. I was a starting midfielder, alongside my brother Brett Wilkinson '20, before the season got cancelled.  

If you could say one thing to younger Hornet athletes, what would it be?
Have confidence, realize that the kids you are playing against, are just the same as you, don't be afraid. Also enjoy every single practice and game because you never know if you could get injured, a pandemic hit, get sick, or a season cancelled. 

Who is a teammate or coach you would like to spotlight, and how did they help you as a Tatnall athlete? 
Justin Perillo, He created an awesome bond with me and my family. He was someone to look up to and it is awesome to have a close bond outside of school and sports. Coach Edgar and Coach Bartlet, both assistant coaches on the lacrosse team. They are both have genius lacrosse minds and they give me small detailed pointers on how to improve. They really know how to coach high school kids and they give their message in such a genuine way, making the student athletes want to learn. They grow my confidence and know how to get me going, without trying. But overall by favorite part is their one liners: Coach Bart's fun facts and dad jokes and Coach Edgar's "Rules of life" list.

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