8th Grade English - Tatnall@Home

A successful week one of Tatnall@Home is in the books! Experience distance learning at Tatnall with this short video showing excerpts of two 8th grade English classes. Middle School English teacher, Douglas Lambe, started his lessons this week with students discussing and responding to a journal prompt. 
Students were asked to think about their experience as part of the Tatnall School community. What are some of the most important rules in the community? Are these rules written down? What are the most important unwritten rules, those not written down but which everyone knows about? 
As if they were in a traditional classroom, students were broken up into small groups to discuss their thoughts. They then came back together, as a class, to discuss their response. We are happy to hear that students still embrace the Daisy Values they learned in Lower School, and continue to follow our motto, Omnia in Caritate or All Things Done in Love.
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