Early Childhood and World Languages

Submitted by Aimee Neff, Head of Early Childhood
The Upper School AP Spanish students were tasked to write and illustrate a children’s story as a part of their oral and written curriculum course objectives. The Kindergarten classes were the lucky recipients of the stories being read to them during our regularly scheduled Spanish class. The US boys and girls did a great job writing stories that were engaging, funny and filled with positive messages. They did an even better job reading the stories in both English and Spanish to the Kindergarteners with inflection and enthusiasm.
The stories were as follows:

Los héroes del cerdo or The Pig Heroes written and illustrated by Julia Goodwin, Gianna Sparta, and Colin Sullivan
El tiburoncito or The Little Shark written and illustrated by Serena Patel and Rachel Cohen
La primavera de Josefina or Josefina's Spring written and illustrated by Ali Finio, Henry DuPont and Beau Neff
La aventura de la zanahoria loca de Clark or Clark's Crazy Carrot Adventure written and illustrated by Mike Wedo and Chris Tigani
The children laughed out loud at the antics of the characters in the stories, and the illustrations were captivating — just another excellent example of teaching and learning across all divisions at The Tatnall School.