Playbill: High School Musical

Laird Performing Arts Center
This modern day take on Romeo and Juliet with upbeat music and dances has been a favorite of all ages ever since it debuted on the Disney Channel as a 2006 made for TV movie. Handsome basketball star Troy, and beautiful, brainy Gabriella want to be more than the “basketball dude” and “math girl.” But breaking out of the “Status Quo” won’t be easy since the cliques of the school expect them to “stick to the stuff they know.” Things get even messier when Gabriella and Troy decide to try out for the school musical setting up a clash between the Jocks, Brainiacs, and Thespians. In the end, their friends realize that everyone deserves to be who they want to be. Stereotypes and cliques are abandoned as the friends find a way to save the day helping the couple break free and perform on stage together. Sing along and dance with us as we bring this wonderfully optimistic show to life! Appropriate for all age.