Athletic Program

Middle School Athletics
Middle School athletics participation exposes students to a wide range of sports offered at the junior varsity and varsity levels. Through Middle School practices and games, students learn fundamental skill work and strategies. Physical conditioning and training are also incorporated into each practice so that athletes can safely participate and meet the physical demands of a particular sport. Like each of the activities within the Tatnall Athletic Program, Middle School sports seek to build camaraderie and school spirit. 

Emphasis: Middle School teams focus on instruction, participation and cooperation. By participating in Middle School athletics, each student becomes a better athlete and contributes to the overall growth and success of the entire team.

Upper School Athletics

Upper School students receive on credit for each after-school team sport completed in good standing. Daily participation/attendance is required. Tatnall attempts to include every student who wishes to be a member of a team sport, as most of our facilities warrant a no-exclusion policy.

Upper School Sports:

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Important Athletic Forms: