Music is an integral part of the lives of every student at The Tatnall School. The program, which incorporates a diverse range of instrumental and vocal instruction across all four divisions, inspires a passion for composition and performance. From performing at the Vice President’s holiday party to the Vatican in Rome, Italy, the opportunities available for Tatnall’s musicians and singers instill a lifelong relationship with music.    

Early Childhood

Music-making at Tatnall begins in the Early Childhood program with age-appropriate songs and instruments. Our youngest performers become comfortable creating music with xylophones, metallophones and resonator tone bars as they hone their listening skills and learn how to properly handle musical instruments. Much to the delight of the entire Tatnall community, the students also develop their stage presence as they perform during Founder’s Day and May Day.

Lower School

The musical experience continues throughout a student’s Lower School years thanks to choral performances and the development of fundamental music skills, including note reading. As music and movement are natural for children, our students dance, step, march and tap to music in order to develop a kinesthetic awareness. As they progress throughout the program, Lower School students also have the opportunity to perform using percussion and pitched instruments.

Each year, our Lower School students are front and center during the highly anticipated Holiday Concert and May Day performances, during which the students have the opportunity to show off their talents.

Middle School

As they continue to develop their musical foundations, Middle School students are given increased opportunities to explore their musical interests. Participation in chorus, the treble choir, band and the string ensemble enables students to develop their technical mastery. As they improve and grow as performers, each student becomes familiar with more advanced musical concepts, including expression, theory, melody, harmony and form.

Upper School

With a solid musical foundation in place, Tatnall’s Upper School students focus on achieving a deeper understanding of musical concepts such as harmony, form and rhythm, and work toward improving performance quality. Selective ensembles and increased opportunities for music education and performance allow Tatnall’s oldest students to continue to push the boundaries of their creativity. 

Music & Multimedia Center

Tatnall's Music & Multimedia Center, known as the m2c, was established in 2002 and is unique in the region for providing a laboratory dedicated to arts technology.

The 13-station center includes synthesizer keyboards, Macintosh computers and audio and MIDI hardware and software that allows Middle School and Upper School students to write, record and produce their own music and videos.

A full range of music and visual arts software provides an opportunity for students to produce everything from finished CDs to video featuring their own scores. In addition, teachers have used the center to demonstrate important relationships between music and fields such as mathematics and physics.

The Tatnall School

The Tatnall School is an independent, coeducational, college preparatory day school for students in PK3 through Grade 12 located in Wilmington, Delaware.