Middle School

Middle schoolers constantly question and test the world around them as they strive to discover their values, aspirations, passions and place.  They take nothing at face value as they begin to develop their worldview; a basis of what they believe and who they might be in life. Many students during this period begin to seek out understanding, form opinions and speak their minds about the things that are important to them in society and how it affects their world. Each student in Middle School works through this process at their own pace, whether it’s in the classroom or with friends, so the proper guidance, attention and resources are needed. At Tatnall, we can offer the guidance and support your Middle School student needs during this challenging time.  

Community Service

Tatnall's Middle School students are active in community service projects at the all-school, divisional, advisory and individual levels. In addition to providing students with the opportunity to become active members of their own communities, community service and volunteerism enables students to acquire important life skills. As they give back to their neighborhoods, our students are also developing into positive, community-minded leaders.

Earth Day
While Tatnall students are dedicated to protecting the natural world year-round, Earth Day is a time for several special activities in the Middle School. On Earth Day, our students actively focus on how they can prevent the spread of invasive species in our nearby ecosystems and encourage the wider community to go green by creating environmentally-focused advertisements with recycled materials. 

Make a Difference Day
Held annually, Make a Difference Day gives Tatnall's Middle Schools students an opportunity to share their incredible energy, compassion, and talents with the local community. During the day, students break into groups and visit a number of local community centers where they help clean outdoor areas or share scrapbooks and play games with residents at some of the locations.

Tatnall Harvest
Along with each of Tatnall's divisions, our Middle School families collect non-perishable food items to be donated to a local community center. During the 2015-2016 school year, the Middle School division collected an astounding 1,022 canned goods!

MAD Dash
A year-long community service project, the MAD Dash, or Make a Difference Day, gives our 8th-grade students the opportunity to visit four local organizations. Throughout the year, each 8th grader will provide meals for families through the Food Bank of Delaware, socialize with residents at the Mary Campbell Center, sort clothing for families in need at the Delaware Clothing Center and perform for the children at Exceptional Care for Children.