A Message from the Head of School

Dear Parents,

Welcome to The Tatnall School! I am thrilled to enter my second year as Head of School and to continue stewarding the legacy of Mrs. Tatnall as we inspire this next generation of Tatnall learners. If my first year taught me anything, it is that Tatnall is not only a place of excellence, but of joy, purpose, resilience, innovation, and possibility. I am very excited about the year to come and determined to help our community embrace the student experience and form strong bonds with each other and the world around us.  
I invite you to explore our website to experience some of the excitement of daily life on our beautiful campus cultivated over a 90-year history. Our fabulous teachers believe that children flourish in an environment where learning is joyful, where education is innovative and full of discovery, and where students are celebrated by a community that values character, integrity, and individuality. Each year spent at Tatnall contains numerous “moments” that define the experience as a whole - from annual celebrations such as May Day and Founder’s Day to more nuanced experiences like field trips, rocket launches, and outdoor learning. Individually, these moments are thrilling and memorable, but as a collection, they construct a foundation of shared experiences from which our community draws its vibrancy. Whether you are new to Tatnall or have experienced the school across generations, this community vibrancy has come to define our wonderful school.
Tatnall is more than just an excellent college-preparatory education; it is an unparalleled student experience that fosters authentic relationships and encourages students to embrace their roles as responsible members of society in all its diversity. If you are looking for a great school for your child and a community that will welcome your family with open arms, come join us on campus and help us build a brighter future for our children!
Welcome to Tatnall!

Sincerely yours,

Andrew D. Martire
Andrew D. Martire, Ed.D.
Head of School

The Tatnall School

The Tatnall School is an independent, coeducational, college preparatory day school for students in PK3 through Grade 12 located in Wilmington, Delaware.