About Tatnall

The Tatnall School provides a strong, balanced foundation with exceptional academics, outstanding athletics, unparalleled arts, and authentic relationships.
Tatnall sparks a lifetime of personal and professional achievement in our students.
We nurture young, curious minds with an inspiring and rigorous curriculum, award-winning teaching staff, and advanced technology, all provided within an enriching, caring environment.
We seek to appreciate and further each student’s unique intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual needs and help them grow in maturity and confidence.

We prepare our students for college…
and for life

Who We Are

Today, approximately 600 boys and girls, from PK3 through Grade 12, are engaged and inspired by Tatnall’s exceptional faculty and staff, compelling programs and idyllic 110-acre campus with adjoining 350 acres of natural habitats.
We believe that students learn best when they are well-known, so we partner with parents at every stage.
Founded in 1930 by Frances Dorr Swift Tatnall, The Tatnall School values its long-standing school traditions, while also embracing an innovative and collaborative spirit. Our learning spaces—classrooms, labs, performance and art studios, playgrounds, technology centers, forests, and outdoor habitats, athletic fields and gymnasiums—hum constantly with activity.
You will find our students to be talented, curious, active, fun-loving, and involved. They savor their opportunities and value their adult mentors. They also know how to contribute in meaningful ways across the campus, as well as in their local and global community. Our graduates appreciate what it means to lead and serve. It is not surprising that Tatnall students, athletes, artists, and alumni garner state and regional recognitions each year.
Our motto, Omnia in Caritate (All Things in Love), best describes the atmosphere you will find here. We encourage you to arrange a visit with us to learn more about this remarkable family school. During your visit, expect to encounter educational excellence, teachers with passion, joyful learning, friendly smiles, and an authentically warm Tatnall welcome.