No matter your interest, Tatnall provides you with a way to explore it. We offer 37 interscholastic sports; a rich theater, music and fine arts programs; and a host of activities that match the diverse interests of our students.
The Middle School and Upper School support several clubs that provide students an opportunity for activities beyond the classroom that are both fun and meaningful. The school encourages new clubs for those with special interests. Every club has a faculty sponsor.

Play the Stock Market Game

Lower School Librarian Heather Brooks has been a Stock Market Game coach since 1990. Two of her prodigies won the state of Delaware game in 2016 after earning $2,094.98 in just 10 weeks on a hypothetical $100,000 investment

Tatnall Students Sweep Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Tatnall’s talented artists swept the competition during the 2016 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, the nation’s most prestigious recognition program for creative teens. In the visual arts categories, Tatnall won more individual (121) and portfolio (9) awards  than any other school in the state!

Want to Write and Direct Your First Movie? Join the Tatnall Filmakers Guild

From beekeeping to gardening to birdwatching to environmental advocacy, Tatnall provides support for a variety of environmental interests.