The Tatnall Way of Life

At Tatnall, we don’t try to force our students into a single mold. We respect our students’ diverse characteristics, learning styles, interests and abilities and provide a nurturing environment where each student can grow and excel.
On any given day, as our students pursue academic excellence, they might also be vying for a state track championship, performing on the stage of our Laird Performing Arts Center or heading off to one of many club meetings, spanning everything from Zumba to a Harry Potter interest club to Rocketry.
The day rarely ends at 3 p.m. and many students will head off to Extended Day. The program offers a balanced combination of recreation and enrichment activities in addition to quiet study time. Each of our Extended Day staff build relationships with our students and cultivate a safe learning environment where students can take risks and apply their learning in a joyful environment.
We try to make each day eventful, productive and meaningful. It is one of the reasons that Tatnall is more than a school, it is a way of life.