Digital Citizenship Superheroes

The Lower School joined students around the globe in celebrating Digital Citizenship Week this week. On Monday the students were introduced to digital citizenship during opening exercises with a short presentation. Dressed in a 'Digital Citizen Superhero' costume, Mrs. Hoban used concrete visuals for the students to understand abstract ideas to help solidify their learning. For example, the students were shown a toothbrush to gain an understanding that we should never share our passwords with anyone other than their grownups and teachers. Focus on thinking critically, being safe, and acting responsibly online were highlighted. Emphasis was placed on positively contributing to the digital world and maintaining a positive presence online. Using resources from Common Sense Media, the students were given opportunities to explore positive digital citizen scenarios. The homeroom teachers supported the week by reading numerous pieces of literature focused on digital citizenship. Creating their own 'Digital Citizen Superhero' for a school-wide bulletin board was one of the many activities this week. To celebrate their week of learning the students were invited to dress like a superhero on Friday.
'The goal of the week was for students to understand the importance of being a good digital citizen and what it means to be a good digital citizen. The take away from the week was being safe, respectful, and responsible online by taking care of themselves, their friends, and the community. Creating a positive digital footprint is key!' ~Mrs. Hoban
The LS students will continue conversations of being a good digital citizen throughout the year.