February 8, 2019

Dear Members of the Tatnall School Community:
I am writing today to update you about Tatnall’s Head of School Search and the process we intend to follow.  Initially, as you may already know, Timothy Burns, Ph.D., has recently rejoined Tatnall as its Interim Head of School. I am pleased that Tatnall will have the benefit of Dr. Burns’ decades of experience and steady leadership for the duration of Tatnall’s process to identify and hire its next permanent Head of School.  
The Board of Trustees remains mindful that Tatnall has undergone multiple leadership transitions over the last five years. Accordingly, the Board is committed to doing everything possible to optimize this Head of School Search to produce candidates who are both highly qualified leaders and who exhibit the best cultural fit for our unique and special School. 
The next step, ongoing presently, is the creation of a Search Committee, the members of which are being selected from our Tatnall community, including trustees, alumni, faculty/administrators, and parents.   
The Tatnall community will be kept apprised of the progress of the search process via updates on a designated “Head of School Search” page linked from our website home page and through other School communications. You can also visit www.tatnall.org/HOSsearch to access that search update page directly.  I expect the Head of School Search page to be available soon after the members of the Search Committee are announced.
If you have any questions about the Head of School Search process, please do not hesitate to contact us at HOSsearch2019@tatnall.org.

Thank you again for your support.

Stephen D. Marvin ’88
President of the Board of Trustees