Tatnall Helps DJ Alexis '20 and Emanuel's Annual Toy Drive Reach Goal

Tatnall junior, DJ Alexis, honors his late baby brother, Emanuel, by bringing smiles and memories to hundreds of children and their families during the holidays at Jefferson Washington Township Hospital with Emanuel's Annual Toy Drive. DJ started this fantastic initiative to help celebrate his brother Emanuel's birthday. Almost a decade later, DJ reached a new goal of collecting over 1000 gifts which were donated just prior to Christmas on his brother's birthday to three area hospitals.
The Tatnall community helped rally support through time, talent, and treasure. Collectively the community donated over 300 toys, gave more than a $1000 and helped wrap mounds of presents and sign personalized greeting cards to the patients.
With the support of classmates, friends, and families both within Tatnall and beyond DJ started a new legacy this year, the Emanuel Library. Two local hospitals now have permanent children's libraries for patients and their families to enjoy and help brighten patients days. DJ says he hopes to expand the libraries in the coming years.
View pictures from toy collections, wrapping parties, and delivery!