Early Childhood Explore the Artwork of Dale Chihuly

Submitted by Alison Morgenstern, Early Childhood and Lower School Art Teacher
The students in the Early Childhood division studied the American glass artist, Dale Chihuly, this week in Art Class. Chihuly is the most recognizable glassblower in the world, and his art installations can be seen in museums, botanical gardens, and hotels around the world. The students learned that some of Dale Chihuly’s art is on display at the Delaware Art Museum where the Tatnall Art Smart Exhibit will be on display this November.

We began our lesson watching a short PBS video on Dale Chihuly working in his studio in Seattle, Washington. The children learned that a person who blows glass is called a glassblower because they blow into a blowpipe while spinning the glass. I explained it like blowing into a balloon. We also discussed how important it is for the glassblower to spin the blowpipe while they work.

The students each had a turn making their own spin art project! They began by putting a piece of white paper into the bottom of a salad spinner. Then the students squeezed paint onto the middle of the paper. Lastly, the students spun the salad spinner as quickly as they could. This was by far the most exciting part! When they removed the lid, they were so excited by the transformation that occurred.

Please come and see these special creations that the EC students made in November at the Delaware Art Museum for the Tatnall Art Smart Exhibit.