The World of Eric Carle Through a Child’s Eyes

Submitted by Nancy Schluter, Early Childhood Teacher
The spotlight in the Purple Room is on Eric Carle. He is a beloved author and illustrator of many children’s stories. His bright, colorful illustrations often depict whimsical characters that children love. In the story, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, the children learned about the lifecycle of a butterfly. In circle time, the children took turns retelling the story and feeding our “pretend” caterpillar. They also made their own version of a caterpillar, using a variety of colors and brushstrokes similar to Eric Carle’s style. The children worked together counting out the various body parts. In addition, they sang a song with hand motions about insects.
The children are also observing five real live caterpillars transform in our classroom. Each day the children come in to see the changes. They were excited to report that the caterpillar changed into a chrysalis. Now they are anxiously awaiting to see the butterflies emerge and release them outside!

Eric Carle’s book, The Very Busy Spider, is an example of our star value, perseverance. One child said that the spider had to keep working until the web was done. It is no wonder the children really enjoyed Eric Carle. His stories relate to their environment.