Tatnall Mens Tennis

Tatnall tennis dropped a tough match 3-2 to conference foe Wilmington Friends. Our First two singles got the job done and picked up their game over the previous week. Mike Wedo '19 continued his growth and battled with an impressive third singles player. Rohan Chugh '20 and Mark Pala '19 lost but again showed moments of greatness, as did Colin Sullivan '19 and Sam Howard '19 at second doubles.

The next day the team fell to Sanford. The doubles squads continued to work on their games and strategies but ultimately could not pull off the win. Wedo played well against one of the best third singles players in the league. Seth Friedlander '20 found his rhythm and smoked at second singles. Ethan You '20 fell short after a resurgence in the second set, only to lose in a third set tiebreaker. However, tiebreakers are not indicative of the way Yu competed. Unlucky points here and there!

Finally, on Senior Day we celebrated our only senior, Will Provine '18, who will be attending University of Arts in Philadelphia next year. This day brought our team full circle, and the team played phenomenally! Each court played to their potential and really pushed their opponents. All three singles played exceptionally well. Wedo lost but played his best tennis of the year. Friedlander found gold, as his game came together and he provided a solid win at second. And You turned the corner, defeating a solid player at first singles that he lost to last year in the third set! Pala and Chugh played a solid match against a team favored at states. They stuck to their strategy and played fantastically, and Sullivan and Howard also played strategically well. Tatnall, unfortunately, lost the match 3-2, but a great day on the courts for the Tatnall team.