Sixth Grade Presents "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

The Tatnall School Class of 2014 cooked up a sweet treat for their families and the school community with the annual Sixth Grade Play, "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory." The class ushered in Spring Break with a dynamic and enthusiastic performance before a packed house at the Laird Performing Arts Center. The audience of parents, loved ones, fifth graders, Lower School and Early Childhood classes and assorted supporters from the Upper School was boisterous throughout as they laughed and enjoyed the performance.

Every sixth-grade student participated in every part of the entire process. The students designed and painted the sets with the 5/6 Tech Team, Mrs. Laurie Leary, Ms. Janae Dupree and Mrs. Kay-Ann Boswell, under the watchful guidance of Mr. Rick Neidig. A week before the show hit the stage, the students read over the script and received their roles. Every student in the grade had lines and helped to make the show the delicious adventure that it was. The 5/6 Humanities Team, Mrs. Charlotte Pavlides, Mr. Ian Sikdar and Mrs. Marcia Conkey, had selected the show and added some signature Tatnall flair to the script itself. After an exhilarating if somewhat exhausting week of rehearsal, blocking, costuming and special effects work, the class was ready for showtime! Every student stepped up and starred, and the audience loved every moment. As the applause filled the theater, the smiles on the faces of the cast and crew were sweeter than any chocolate treat. 
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