Senior Wins Scholarship from Delaware Foundation of the Visual Arts

Congratulations to Senior Ellen Zammarchi who won a $1,000 scholarship from the Delaware Foundation for the Visual Arts based on the quality of her portfolio and award-winning work in the Delaware Regional Scholastic Art Awards program. Ellen's portfolio, "Explorations in Art & Design" was selected for the distinction. Consisting of eight pieces, Ellen's portfolio includes architectural design, apparel design, digital art, mixed media, and drawing. 
"Ellen's portfolio showcases the breadth and scope of the entire Upper School Visual Art program, and what is possible when students work hard and delve deep in a wide range of media, disciplines and materials,” said Stephanie Silverman, Upper School Visual Art & Design K-12 Coordinator.  “The consistent technical quality of Ellen's work, coupled with advanced critical thinking and exceptional problem solving skills, distinguish her as a visual art and design student. I am so proud of her."

Pictured at right are several pieces from Ellen's portfolio.