Audiences Gobbled Up Playbill

Despite the show’s horror movie roots, Tatnall’s Little Shop of Horrors production kept the audience laughing until the final curtain in an entertaining and innovative performance.

Based on a low-budget 1960 horror film of the same name, Little Shop of Horrors became a musical sensation after premiering off-Broadway in 1982. Featuring music by Alan Menken, the dark comedy tells the story of clumsy floral assistant Seymour Krelborn, who discovers he can achieve fame and fortune with the help of a man-eating plant.

Due to its eccentric nature, Little Shop of Horrors is a show known for its props, set, and dark humor. With a talented crew and amusing performers, Tatnall’s production exceeded these expectations by also incorporating inventive costumes and sound effects.
The cast was led by Conrad Cox ’23, who captured the pure-hearted innocence of the role of Seymour. Opposite him as the voice of Audrey II, Spenser Neidig ’24 displayed his stellar vocals and charisma, while Ben Nerlinger ’24 gave the plant terrifyingly accurate life.

The energy was high as the Greek chorus of narrative urchins and had the audience rolling in their seats. Meanwhile, the unforgettable performance from Inez Titus '24 made even the most stoic of audience member care for the safety of Audrey! Laudable acting was also found in the characters Mr. Mushnik and Orin Scrivello, who energetically stayed true to their characters.

Perhaps the most impressive aspects of Tatnall’s production were the technical elements. The well-constructed and intricate set, depicting Skid Row with a ‘90s grunge aesthetic, set the campy tone of this show. The sound management team proved commendable by controlling over a dozen microphones and managing numerous sound effects. The Audrey II puppet worked flawlessly and even surprised the audience with its life-like appearance. 

Through the combination of an energetic cast and stunning technical visuals, the cast and crew of Tatnall demonstrated their green thumb for cultivating a fun and entertaining performance!

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