May Day

"May Day is a special tradition at Tatnall because it is a day of celebration with the entire school. From PK3 to the Senior Class, we are all together to enjoy a morning full of dancing, singing, and readings done by our Lower School Division. May Day showcases the family school atmosphere so well and is a day that we look forward to every year." - Kelsey Martin '15

May Day is back and our campus is bustling with activity in preparations for this beloved Tatnall tradition. Since we took a break from this event, we wanted to remind the community where this wonderful day stemmed from. 

The May Day Celebration is an homage to the arrival of spring on this campus, as well as our roots as an All-Girls School. This tradition dates all the way back to the time of Misses Hebb's School, our precursor to Tatnall. Additionally, our Sedgely property was officially purchased during the first week of May 1952. So it is safe to say that May holds a special place in Tatnall history.

As many traditions do, May Day has slightly progressed and developed to take shape into a fun celebration that the entire campus comes together to enjoy. All of our alumni can attest that May Day was a fond core memory of their time at Tatnall.

"I just love May Day, as it’s a long celebrated Tatnall tradition where the whole Tatnall Family comes together." 
- Abby Williams Schneider '97

"Early on at Tatnall, May Day was a celebration of the start of spring, and it still marks the beginning of the end of the school-year.  It helps us remember the long history of Tatnall School -- all the way back to the beginning -- and gives all the younger students a chance to have fun practicing in the performing arts, which they'll keep doing throughout their Tatnall education.  It's a celebration -- we've made it through another Winter, these beautiful flowers are out, and it's time to sing and dance and celebrate the beauty of the world.  And what's more beautiful than an ice cream sandwich to cap it all off!"
- Missie Watchorn Bauman
Development Office 1983-2000
Parent of Alumni '78, '79, '87
Faculty Spouse 1961-1981

“May Day is one of my fondest memories of Tatnall! A joyful event I looked forward to yearly where the whole Tatnall community came together. Different themes would anchor the event like The Circus or Peter Rabbit and I remember practicing diligently for weeks on our performance and making our costumes in art class. Dancing the May Pole as a third-grader was a right of passage as a lower schooler and felt like an honor. I can still remember my May Pole dance partner and can hum the tune of the dance to this very day. During the last dance, the two 3rd grade classes always had a friendly competition as to which class could braid the May Pole the longest. My class (Mr. Reese’s room) won that year! May Day always ended on a sweet note with ice cream sandwiches and of course a trip to the flower market after. Oh happy day.“
- Emily Filippone Lynch '04
"May Day was always one of my favorite days as a young child at Tatnall. Perhaps it was because we were that much closer to an early dismissal and heading over to the Flower Market, but I was always very happy to see the final intricate weave all the way down the Maypole."
- Kiadii Harmon '96

We firmly believe that May Day is one of the many great symbols of strength and support of the Tatnall community and we can't wait to see what our celebration this Friday, May 6, holds this year!


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