Devyn Benson '21

What is your favorite athletic memory as a Tatnall Hornet?
My favorite memory has gotta be the day we won against Delcastle in the Basketball State Championship Playoffs. The crowd screaming and rushing the court while my best friend Darien and I were screaming and hugging! That day was really amazing and something I'll never forget!

What is the most important lesson playing sports at Tatnall taught you?
The most important lesson that playing sports has taught me is that you can only receive as much as you're willing to sacrifice. Learning how to sacrifice and staying committed to my end goal has been the key to how I live my life today! 

What was the biggest difficulty you faced in your athletic career, and how did you overcome it?
The biggest challenge for me was not having an identity or knowing my strengths as an athlete. How I changed was taking control over my career by spending a summer in upstate New York at Bard College training, losing weight, and understanding how I should be playing the game of basketball. With all the support of my family and many others over that summer I came back in shape, taller, and a new monster on the court! My determination and what I believed I could become is what helped me get over this bump in the road!

If you could say one thing to younger Hornet athletes, what would it be?
"NEVER let the SUCCESS get to your HEAD and NEVER let FAILURE get to your HEART" ~Drake

Who is a teammate or coach you would like to spotlight, and how did they help you as a Tatnall athlete? 
I'd definitely like to shine a light on Coach Jack Cella and Coach Ian Sikdar, without them constantly seeing the greatness I sometimes didn't see in myself I wouldn't have bet my life on myself everyday in practices & games. They helped me realize I can become the most dominant thing on that court!

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