Reflections on Injustice and Frustration in our Country

Timothy M. Burns, Ph.D., Interim Head of School
June 1, 2020
Reflections on Injustice and Frustration in our Country
This is a discouraging time for America. While the entire world is struggling with a 100-year pandemic that will soon have claimed 400,000 lives worldwide, in America, we find ourselves dealing with unrest that emanates from man's inhumanity toward another.  The reality of incivility and sadness both angers and divides us.
Difference of opinion is healthy and productive when it includes dialogue for sharing ideas back and forth. During this time of COVID-19, we have heard, "We'll get through this together." But then an act of outrageous violence to George Floyd, a defenseless man of color, causes us to see that we need to do more to afford every human being the inherent respect that all people deserve. We are left to experience anger and sadness; our hearts go out to those whose pain and frustration are obvious.
There is no excuse for abuse of power. The concept of taking advantage of another human being--especially if the abuse is motivated by hatred of any kind--should be anathema to people in a civilized society. And when racism is the motivation for power, the ugliness of man's inhumanity to man leads to frustration that does nothing to draw people closer to dialogue, understanding, and trust.  
Tatnall's mission and promise speak of things done in love, living and working together as a family, and living working in a community that appreciates individuality. As we prepare for the close of this school year, let us remind ourselves--and each other—that all members of the human family are unique and deserve to be heard and respected. It is the basis for democracy. Let us be determined to respect each other, to listen as much as we speak, and to believe in the worth of every human being.
The tragedy we see unfolding in our Country is rooted in incivility and the reaction to it.  I stand solidly with the grief that our students and families of color must be experiencing. Lest we unwittingly destroy our democracy, let us be determined to work toward understanding and an appreciation for the rights, the uniqueness, and the integrity of each other as we commit to holding those accountable for refusing to honor the rights and privileges of others. 

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