Physics Students Take On Mousetrap Car Olympics

Recently, the students in Jim Brice’s Honors Physics class participated in the first annual Mousetrap Car Olympics. As a culminating project for Classical Mechanics, the Olympics required student groups to design and build a car that could propel itself along the ground using the power of a mousetrap.

The competition was split into three events:
  1. Distance Competition—How far can the car travel before stopping?
  2. Speed Competition—How quickly can the car cover a two-meter distance?
  3. Climbing Competition—How much of an incline can the car climb?
The top three finishers in each event earned gold, silver, and bronze awards. In addition to the competition, the students were instructed to demonstrate their understanding of mechanics and their car’s function through an essay, video, or creative poem.

Examples of the mousetrap cars are on display in the Upper School ID Lab.
    • 2020 Mouse Trap Cars

    • 2020 Mouse Trap Cars