Tatnall Featured in National Dole Fruit Ad

Over the summer, Tatnall was approached with an exciting opportunity to participate in a national ad campaign for Dole Sunshine Fruits (Dole) and Upworthy.com. Tatnall's campus and families were selected from dozens of schools in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions. Yesterday, the video ad for Dole was released on Facebook and the ethos that makes us who we are came through wonderfully.  
In July, Glass Entertainment (Glass), a national production company located outside of Philadelphia, contacted Tatnall with a pitch to feature a school campus and their students in an ad campaign about being nervous on the first day of school. After gaining the support of Dr. Burns and the Board, Tatnall reached back to Glass, who was very enthusiastic about sharing Tatnall with their clients, Upworthy and Dole. 
Dole, is in the midst of an extensive national campaign about being kind to one another, which features their fruit bowls with supportive messages on them such as "be brave, be strong, be kind, and have fun," "take on the world," and "love yourself." A portion of the campaign is this video project, which features the Caring Tree constructed at Tatnall. The messages they wanted to convey fit perfectly with our motto, Omnia In Caritate (All things done in love).
When Glass came to campus for a site visit, every aspect of the School thoroughly impressed them, from the Red Oak tree to watching the campers play on the Sedgely lawn to the vista from Sedgely to the turf field. Ultimately, the decision came down to two other schools and Tatnall. Working as a liaison with Glass for casting, we identified several Early Childhood and Lower School families who we felt not only represented Tatnall but also represented the Dole vision. Glass and Dole ultimately choose the three families in the video, the Mrozinskis, the Fungs, and the Anderson-Dorsey families, to be the main features in their video project.
The Sedgely lawn was transformed into a movie set in early August. Shipping crates arrived on flatbed trucks from California, movie cameras and crew set up, and the custom-made fruit tree was assembled on-site and filled with fruit bowls. After an exciting week of filming, we had to patiently wait for School to start before Dole's timely message could resonate with audiences across the country.
We are thankful for the opportunity to share our amazing school, students, and families on the national level. Several local news agencies have picked up the story as well, the first to break the news was Town Square Delaware.
Thank you to all the families, students, faculty, and staff who helped make this unique opportunity possible. Enjoy the video!

The Tatnall School

The Tatnall School is an independent, coeducational, college preparatory day school for students in PK3 through Grade 12 located in Wilmington, Delaware.