Book Tasting at Bistro 1501

Bistro 1501 was open for business again as we dusted off the candelabras and arranged the fresh flowers! The Lower School family room was transformed into an upscale, candlelit restaurant for our Second Annual Summer Reading Book Tasting event. Chef Chipman welcomed the hungry readers with gingham-clad tables piled high with the latest and greatest books from a variety of genres. The anticipation has been building for days as Tatnall students discussed their latest book cravings with their classmates and teachers! Mrs. Chipman even had a few students ask to preview this year’s offerings. Of course, she very politely reminded them that Bistro 1501 follows the Daisy Values of integrity and honesty. All patrons must wait for their reservation time! Our first time special guests included our EC kindergarten students and teachers. First graders used their Ipads in an innovative way as they snapped pictures of book covers and documented their summer goals on Seesaw. Second through fourth graders perused the options and selected titles that they found interesting. If a certain book piqued their interest, they wrote it down on their summer goals sheet. Many students had their goal sheets filled front and back with books they want to read this summer! Some notable comments heard by our student restaurant patrons were, “I have been WAITING for this book. I can’t wait to read it” and “I heard about that story. Is it a TRUE story? I really want to read all about it.” As the event came to close and the candles were snuffed out, our teachers were inspired by the hard working readers who itemized their goal sheets with books that reflect what is just right for them! Happy Summer Reading!