Kindergarten Blasts Off Into Outer Space

Submitted by Jeanne Poggi, Kindergarten Teacher
Who would have thought that during a science experiment about rainbows that one student would notice that all of the mixing colors look just like Space? Following that observation, another student shared that they would love to learn about Space. Well during the week leading up to and including The Week of The Young Child, that is exactly how it all began.

Kindergarten began a learning adventure into planets, stars and space exploration. Dramatic Play became the space station, books filled the library, and the inquiry began. Our first question was, “What planet is the closest to the sun? We read the book, The Big Book of Space Discovery to find the answer. Next, we wondered, “What happened to Pluto?” We researched the answer with Google and learned that a vote was taken in regards to what makes a planet a planet? First, it needs to orbit the sun. Second, it needs to be a circular/spherical shape. Lastly, to be classified as a planet, it has cleared the neighborhood around its orbit. We were pretty fascinated with our research so far. What is the biggest planet? Can the sun make the universe? How are planets born? How were we created? Lots of great inquiry, conversations, and learning which all began with one simple statement, “That looks like space.”