Lower School Enrichment Programs

Soccer Shots
Soccer Shots introduces your child to soccer and helps those who are already familiar with the game to sharpen their skills. Our highly skilled instructors use fun and games to teach children about the sport while also developing healthy lifestyle habits and strong character skills.

Excellence Tennis Academy
Held at the Tatnall Preschool, this program helps students to become comfortable with the fundamentals, strategy and competitive spirit of tennis.

Throughout this program, children will achieve fitness and focus while learning self-discipline and socialization skills.

Learn to sew by hand and machine, or improve your current skills! This nine-session class will give children the opportunity to create projects for themselves, family and friends!

Girls on the Run
Girls on the Run lessons encourage positive emotional, social, mental and physical development. Participants will explore and discuss their beliefs and the challenges they face at this age while they develop important strategies and skills that will help them navigate their life experiences.

Through improvisations, theater games, creative movement and performances, students improve their speaking skills and are able to express themselves creatively.

Chess Masters
Learn chess with the Chess Masters of Delaware team! Advance your current skills or learn the fundamental strategies of chess and how to apply them consistently throughout the game. As both an art and science, chess develops creative thinking and concrete reasoning.