World Languages

Supporting your middle schooler in learning a world language is beneficial in many ways as it helps linguistics, cognitive and creative abilities. At Tatnall, students in seventh and eighth grades experience the formal study of the world language of their choice. These classes meet every day and are considered a core subject. Seventh and eighth grade language is the equivalent of Level 1 in the Upper School. In alternating years, students have the opportunity to participate in a 10-day trip to explore France and Spain!

7th Grade, Spanish
In seventh grade, students learn to confidently communicate about themselves in everyday situations. An appreciation for culture is developed through authentic readings, art and music, as well as subject-related media.
8th Grade, Spanish
Eighth graders continue to develop their language skills through more sophisticated tasks. In a communicative classroom setting, students expand on the following: 
  • Master of Vocabulary
  • New Grammatical Concepts
  • Verb Tenses
  • Culture
7th Grade, French
In seventh grade, students begin their formal study of the French language. Building their proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking, students learn to confidently communicate about themselves in everyday situations.
8th Grade, French
In eighth grade, students build upon the foundation laid in seventh grade, continuing to develop their language skills through more advanced tasks. They dive deeper into French culture, embark upon a virtual trip to Paris and even study a French film!
7th Grade, Latin
In seventh grade, the introduction to formal Latin study is designed to provide the language tools necessary for translating, recognizing and using Latin derivatives to improve vocabulary and make connections between the Romans and contemporary American culture. Latin middle school students have the opportunity to join at least five other private schools for a Latin Day event involving chariot races, Roman food, academic contests and athletic events!
8th Grade, Latin
In eighth grade, there is more emphasis on sight translation and the subtler aspects of Latin grammar. Students are greatly supported by their teachers and fellow classmates. At the end of 8th grade Latin, students are ready to move seamlessly into Latin II after further exploration of the Latin roots of our own:
  • Language
  • Laws
  • Entertainment
  • Literature
  • Mythology: Understanding of English Literature, History and Art 

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