The goal of the Tatnall Middle School Science program is to engage students in the study of living organisms and the physical world using the methods and techniques of scientists, while giving them freedom to voice their own opinions during the experimentation process. Middle schoolers are encouraged to use the Tatnall campus: streams, woods, fields and natural habitat gardens during lessons and projects. Students work together, developing academic relationships and social skills, within the laboratory-based program. They investigate the world of science using the following steps in logical processes:
  • Issues
  • Research
  • Development of Hypotheses
  • Data Collection Using Controlled Experiments
  • Drawing Conclusions Based on Student Data
7th Grade, Science
Seventh grade Life Science students use the methods and techniques of scientists to study living organisms and the biological systems that support them. In seventh grade Science, students prepare for eighth grade Science by conducting controlled experiments, collecting and analyzing data, and writing their first formal lab report.
Seventh graders engage in the following in-class projects:
  • Winter Bird Feeder Data-collection Program
  • Collecting “Leaf Packs” from their Stream Plot and Analyzing the Health of the Tatnall Stream
  • Discussions about the Year-long Study of Marked Plots in the Tatnall Woods
  • Actual or Virtual Frog Dissection
8th Grade, Science
Students begin the study of Introductory Physical Science (IPS), a subject focused on students developing a knowledge of physical science and the way scientific knowledge is acquired, within a laboratory setting. The laboratory experience and the reasoning, communication and writing skills attained, combined with the in-depth understanding of physical science concepts and the use of technology in scientific analysis, provide students a solid basis for success in higher-level science courses such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  • Volume and Mass
  • Characteristic Properties
  • Distinguish and Separate Substances Based their Properties
  • The Study of Atomic Theory

The Tatnall School

The Tatnall School is an independent, coeducational, college preparatory day school for students in PK3 through Grade 12 located in Wilmington, Delaware.