What’s Love Got To Do With A Tatnall Education?

“Omnia in caritate” - “All things (done) in love” is the motto of The Tatnall School. When you take a moment to consider this simple phrase in terms of education, it is quite profound. Often when we speak of education and mission you hear all of the modern educational buzz terms… college preparatory, individualized, hands-on, engaging, etc. Tatnall offers all of this and so much more. What is special about Tatnall is that the heart of “why” and “how” we educate our students  is based on the foundation of love. We believe that education cannot happen without love at its core.

The Tatnall triangle, which is at the epicenter of who we are, represents EXCELLENCE in academics, arts and athletics. Our focus on and devotion to developing students in all three areas is only the beginning of what sets us apart from other institutions. When you add LOVE to every facet of what we do and how we do it, our students are able to soar in the exploration of who they are and what they want for their future.

In Early Childhood you cannot help but to be taken by the dedication and adoration our teachers have for our students. Not only are we helping our youngest Hornets develop foundational and critical academic skill sets, we are also instilling character and citizenship skills that will help them throughout their lifetime. We are not only educators, but we are also caretakers, mentors  and so much more to our little busy bees.

In the Lower School, our students continue to build upon their educational skills  as they identify as scientists, mathematicians, engineers, musicians, and so much more. Our first and second graders learn about global cultures, our third graders create mini societies, our 4th graders complete in the Stock Market Challenge and our 5th graders attempt to solve global issues through the World Peace Game. In bringing programming like this to Tatnall, our teachers bring to life the curriculum providing our students with opportunities to apply their knowledge to solve real world problems; teaching them to be empathetic and to understand the concept of global citizenship. Going above and beyond the call of duty to bring premier educational programming to our students is love in its purest form.

In the Middle School, you will find an environment where children are engaged  and actively collaborate and contribute. Students are moving developmentally from an adult-centered perspective to a wider view of the world where their own ideas and interactions with peers are crucial. To meet their growing need for independence, students have more choice and are encouraged to ask questions and seek understanding. The Tatnall Middle School provides  a safe space where students are valued for who they are and pushed to excel and develop into who they want to become. Love is what breathes life into our Middle School.

In the Upper School, our students are deeply invested in developing their academic skills while honing their interests for their post secondary education and careers. It is an exciting time of exploration and development but can also easily become overwhelmed by a full schedule and course load. Our faculty  is devoted to helping our students forge  their path through rigorous coursework, advisory guidance, and a four-year curriculum-based college guidance program. Our students confidently navigate grades 9-12 with the love and support of our administration, staff and faculty. Love lives in the in-between moments that help students find who they are and what they want for their future.

Though Tatnall students are pushed academically at every stage of development, our focus is on relationship building and character development. With advisors, one-on-one student and teacher interactions, and community gatherings; Tatnall students are enveloped into our community as family. We know our students and we encourage them to be the best versions of themselves, as we prepare  them, to leave our nest and become future leaders of the world. We are confident that our graduates will go on to serve our communities with EXCELLENCE and LOVE. This is what Tatnall makes “the family school” whose motto is “all things (done) in love.”

“Tatnall is not just a school, it’s a way of life.”