Registering for the Entrance Exam

The Tatnall School requires all students applying for grades 6-12, to take either the ISEE or SSAT entrance exam. If your child is interested in multiple schools, it may become confusing regarding which exam they have to take for which school. The number one question we receive is whether or not it is possible to take one exam for multiple schools.

What if we are applying to multiple schools?
If your child is applying to another private school, they likely accept the ISEE or SSAT; thus, when registering for one of these exams, you may list multiple schools to receive the score report. In this case, they do not need to sit for the same exam in multiple locations!

If your child is applying to a catholic high school, they will have to take the HSPT. There are four Catholic high schools that share exam results, so be sure to check in with each school about their requirements before registering. If your child is applying to a catholic private school or a charter school, it is likely that each of those schools have their own exams. Thus, depending upon your child’s list of schools, they may end up sitting for multiple exams.

Tatnall Registration Dates & Instructions
The ISEE is offered at The Tatnall School on Saturday, November 9th. Click here to register for the exam through ISEE.

The SSAT is offered at The Tatnall School on all of the below dates. Click here to register for the exam through SSAT. For more information on the SSAT, click here to view "SSAT At A Glance."
Saturday, November 16th
Saturday, December 14th
Saturday, January 4th
*If your family is in need of a fee-waiver for either of these exams, please contact with your fee-waiver request.

Testing Accommodations
If your child has a documented learning difference that requires special accommodations, please be sure to note this at the time of registration for both the ISEE and SSAT. You will NOT be able to make changes after registering. Testing accommodation requests will need to be approved by ISEE and SSAT during the registration process. 

Preparing for the Exam
Please note that your child’s education thus far, has prepared them for both the ISEE and SSAT. However, to help ease your worries, both ISEE and SSAT offer on-line resources to help your child get acclimated with the type of questions they will encounter and the format of the exam. Please click the links below for each respective exam, in order to access those on-line resources.

Please feel free to reach out to The Office of Enrollment with any questions regarding registering for the ISEE or SSAT. We are here to support your family!