Balance for the Whole Child

The PK4 curriculum meets the needs of each student within a wide range of abilities; balancing academic and social/emotional and curriculums to meet the needs of the whole child.  
The curriculum incorporates both structured and unstructured learning experiences. Learning occurs through carefully selected activities in whole group, small groups, and individual instruction. PK4 is hands-on, multi-sensory, active, and developmentally appropriate. 

Student Teacher Ratio 7:1

“Discovering the world around us”
The Tatnall School believes that outdoor play is vital for the healthy growth and development of young minds and bodies. Children will make frequent use of Tatnall’s three nature habitats (certified by the National Wildlife Foundation), go on hikes through its wooded trails, and explore the outdoors through all four seasons.
We welcome all adults and young alumni to join us for the 2023 Golf Classic. Don't miss this fun day.

Curricular Highlights

“Cultivating lifelong learners”

Language Arts
  • Phonological awareness, oral language, comprehension
  • Letter recognition through visual, kinesthetic, and tactile activities
  • Journal writing and collaborative books
  • Number concepts, operations, and identification
  • Geometry and patterns with algebraic thinking
  • Measurement and data - time, length, weight, volume, graphing, and estimating
Global Studies
  • Peace initiatives 
  • Antibias education 
Outdoor Classroom
Research has shown that regular time in nature helps to:
  • Inspire imaginative and creative play 
  • Promotes collaboration
  • Reduces stress
  • Encourages critical thinking and problem solving
Visual and Performing Arts
  • Arts Show
  • Performances
  • Karate
  • Yoga

The Tatnall School

The Tatnall School is an independent, coeducational, college preparatory day school for students in PK3 through Grade 12 located in Wilmington, Delaware.