Support and Enrichment for Early Learning

The Tatnall School’s Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) ensures that individualized, joyful learning is what all students experience and part of what makes Tatnall’s Early Childhood curriculum unique. The ACE leverages the strengths of students, families, and teachers to support a multi-sensory, Early Childhood curriculum designed to maximize every child’s potential. The ACE also provides enrichment for the youngest students who demonstrate the need to learn at an advanced level.

Student Teacher Ratio 7:1

“Discovering the world around us”
The Tatnall School believes that outdoor play is vital for the healthy growth and development of young minds and bodies. Children will make frequent use of Tatnall’s three nature habitats (certified by the National Wildlife Foundation), go on hikes through its wooded trails, and explore the outdoors through all four seasons.

Curricular Highlights

“Cultivating lifelong learners”
  • Phonological awareness, oral language, comprehension
  • Letter recognition through visual, kinesthetic, and tactile activities
  • Journal writing and collaborative books
  • Number concepts, operations, and identification
  • Geometry and patterns with algebraic thinking
  • Measurement and data - time, length, weight, volume, graphing, and estimating