Let’s Get Together and lay the foundation for success

At The Tatnall School, Kindergarteners are the leaders of the Early Childhood Division, and build upon the skills introduced in PK4. In the classroom, students will further develop reading abilities, build time management proficiency through homework, and hone mathematical skills through numerical analysis and mental computation strategies. Kindergarten students will also lead elements of Opening Exercises with teacher guidance and set a positive example while preparing for first grade.

Student Teacher Ratio 7:1

“Preparing children for a digital world”
At The Tatnall School, children use technology to practice good digital citizenship throughout regular classroom activities, working with iPads, computers, and SMART boards. Children will develop the important skills of technological literacy, lateral thinking, problem-solving, and hand-eye coordination.

Curricular Highlights

“Preparing successful students”
  • Writer’s Workshop - independent and collaborative writing
  • Advanced phonological awareness, segmentation, sound blending, and vowel sounds
  • Geography - exploring the seven continents with dynamic group activities
  • Envisions math programs focusing on number concepts, operations, and utilizing hands-on manipulatives
  • Number Talks, focusing on number relationships and number theory to build mental math strategies