Tatnall’s Center for Global Understanding and Engagement (GLUE)

As a school whose mission is to prepare our students for college and beyond, The Tatnall School places an emphasis on the development of international understanding and empathy –important 21st century skills necessary for success in our increasingly interconnected world. On their journeys to global citizenship, Tatnall encourages students to step outside of their comfort zones, take risks and try new things. In order to provide our students with genuine, globally-focused experiences, Tatnall launched the Center for Global Understanding and Engagement (GLUE) in 2016.

The Center for Global Understanding and Engagement prepares students to find success in and make an impact on the global world. GLUE intends to do this by producing students with a thorough knowledge of history and geography, an understanding of different cultures and languages, and an appreciation of pluralism in all of its forms. GLUE asks Tatnall faculty and students to seek interdisciplinary connections in their studies and activities, and expects students to work toward global problems, while serving diverse communities.

GLUE Initiatives

  • A curriculum that represents a global perspective 
  • International exchanges and travel opportunities 
  • International students at The Tatnall School 
  • A State of the World Speaker Series 
  • Student organizations including Model United Nations and American Field Services 
  • Participation in the Global Youth Leadership Institute
“Tatnall is giving students the unique opportunity to consider their role in the community.”
— United States Senator Chris Coons addressing Tatnall students as he kicked off the State of the World Speaker Series. 

Global Youth Leadership Institute

In 2015, Tatnall was invited to become one of the founding school members of the Global Youth Leadership Institute (GYLI), a transformative “four pillar” educational program that fosters collaborative leadership, multicultural identity, religious pluralism and environmental sustainability.

GYLI engages participating students during the summers that follow their freshman, sophomore and junior years and provides unique experiences with diverse groups of students and faculty from schools across the United States. Through their involvement, Tatnall students will have the opportunity to visit Mystic Seaport: The Museum of America and the Sea in Connecticut as rising sophomores, the Lama Foundation outside Taos, New Mexico, as rising juniors, and multiple locations in Costa Rica as rising seniors.

GYLI Pillars:

Collaborative Leadership
Co-learning, and co-creating based on community, partnership and input from all stakeholders.

Environmental Sustainability
The development of a deep connection and responsibility to the natural world, and a holistic understanding of how to protect, restore and live within the means of nature.

Religious Pluralism
The understanding of other religions from the perspective of its followers, respecting their truth and recognizing their value to our community.

Multicultural Identity
The sharing, understanding, acceptance and promotion of multiple identities, and the common characteristics that unite us within a community.

International Students

Each year, The Tatnall School welcomes international students to campus to provide our global friends the Tatnall experience. An integral part of the Upper School culture, Tatnall students have not only made life-long friendships from across the world, but have also gained a global perspective.
Tatnall partners with the following international youth exchange organizations:

Travel Opportunities

At Tatnall, exploration continues on a global level. Tatnall students are afforded the opportunity to see the world and embark on journeys of personal growth, whether it’s performing at the Vatican as a member of the Concert Choir, traveling to France to improve his or her French skills or visiting Costa Rica as part of a science and Spanish immersion.

Tatnall has also formed a growing relationship with its sister school Skive Gymnasium & HF, in Skive, Denmark. Through this collaboration, Tatnall is able to welcome international students to campus while also giving our students the opportunity to visit a new country, learn about other education systems and tour cultural sites. 

Students have the opportunity to visit the following countries and cities:

  • Guatemala
  • Denmark & London
  • France
  • Spain 
  • Italy
Since partnering with AFS in the mid-1950s, Tatnall has hosted more than 60 students from more than 20 different countries:
  • Argentina
  • Austria (2)
  • Belgium (4)
  • Brazil (5)
  • Chile (3)
  • Denmark (5)
  • England
  • Finland (2)
  • France (3)
  • Germany (8)
  • Italy (6)
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Norway (4)
  • South Africa (2)
  • Spain (3)
  • Sweden (4)
  • Switzerland (2)
  • Thailand
  • The Netherlands
  • Turkey
  • Turkmenistan