The Tatnall School Strategic Plan

In the fall of 2016, Tatnall's Board of Trustees approved The Tatnall School Strategic Plan. Tatnall’s strategic plan is exciting and aspirational, and will challenge the school community to grow and change in the years ahead. Tatnall will use this plan as a guide for setting priorities, using resources, strengthening our position in our community, and ensuring that all members of the Tatnall community are working in harmony to help our school advance with thought, purpose, and consistency. Most importantly, however, the plan honors the authentic relationships that are at the heart of the Tatnall experience. 

The plan is the culmination of several years of educational research, demographic and competitive analysis, constituent surveys, and input from our faculty. During the planning process, the Board closely considered Tatnall’s mission, beliefs, and position in the independent school market as we developed a plan that would ensure the school’s continued growth and success.

While Tatnall has always been an outstanding school dedicated to academic, athletic, and artistic excellence, the plan positions Tatnall as an innovative leader at the forefront of education. The plan’s five Strategic Priorities and a new Tatnall Promise, which anchors the plan and serves as a cornerstone for branding, will take Tatnall to the next level of programmatic excellence. At the same time, the plan is intentionally designed to enhance the unique qualities and traditions that are authentic to a Tatnall education.  

Our headmaster, administrative team, and Board committees will define and prioritize initiatives for each of the five Strategic Priorities. Additionally, several working groups that include faculty, parents, and alumni will help keep the plan on task. Please keep an eye out for more information and regular updates as the years progress.  

Strategic Priorities

Guided by The Tatnall School Mission and a comprehensive internal and external assessment of the independent school landscape, Tatnall outlined the following five Strategic Priorities intended to direct school-wide planning and operational efforts in the coming years.

Fundamentally, these Strategic Priorities link Tatnall’s school and community strengths to current and future opportunities, and identify areas for improvement – all of which serve to strengthen Tatnall’s programs, brand clarity, and competitive position in our evolving educational marketplace. In the near term, the school will focus on select priorities deemed in need of immediate attention, and execute against these goals and tactics. Longer term, our energies will focus on the remaining Strategic Priorities, which under the leadership of our Board and Administration, may evolve in response to emerging school and market dynamics.

Our Strategic Priorities: 


The Tatnall School

The Tatnall School is an independent, coeducational, college preparatory day school for students in PK3 through Grade 12 located in Wilmington, Delaware.