Tatnall’s Mission states that each graduate will be prepared "to succeed as a college or university student and to assume the important role of a responsible member of society in all its diversity." 
We recognize that our society is becoming increasingly diverse and that diversity embraces all forms of human identity, such as race, gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, physical ability, religion, and socioeconomic status. Therefore, in order to support our Mission, the school has embarked on a process to recognize the existing diversity of our community, to respect the uniqueness of each member, and to create a culture that is inclusive, welcoming, and safe for all.

Since a core value of our community is excellence, we must recognize that multiculturalism, diversity, and the pursuit of equity and justice are essential to creating an academic environment where students can achieve.

Thus, The Tatnall School adapts to human differences appropriate to its Mission in order to provide the best possible education for lifelong learning, service to the community, and preparation for an ethical, productive, joyful life in a complex and changing world. 

Our Goals Include

  • To unite the school community in support of equity and justice and to become a model of inclusiveness
  • To nurture curiosity about who we are and our experiences in both the community and the wider world
  • To make sure that no member of our community has to hide who he or she is, that Tatnall is a place where no one is treated as an outsider
  • To understand, support, celebrate, and encourage the value of different opinions, traditions, and experiences
  • To be proactive in challenging ourselves as a Tatnall family to increase our awareness of diversity, our own areas of bias, and of ways we can better support each other
  • To teach social justice and equity; to recognize our responsibility to create a multicultural learning environment that reflects our larger community and society