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Through required participation in the Athletics program, Tatnall graduates understand teamwork, proper conditioning and their own physical strengths and abilities. Students choose from a wide range of interscholastic sports, including both traditional team-centered athletics and individually focused lifelong sports.

Graduation Requirements:

In addition to the completion of Freshman Seminar: Introduction to Health, each student is required to complete a minimum of two credits per year for participation on an athletic team sport. One credit is given for participation in each interscholastic sport.

Any student seeking athletic credit through independent study or weight training (minimum of 2 credits) must apply to the Athletic Committee for an exemption. The Athletic Committee reviews requests for such exemptions. One credit per year, but not more than a total of three credits, may be granted by the department/committee in this fashion. Joining a team as a manager does not qualify as participating in a team sport. Student/athletes who are physically unable to participate in a given sports season or are injured during the season must submit a copy of the Physician’s Physical Recommendation Form (available from the athletic trainer) which will explain the extent of the injury and the physical limitations and capabilities of the student/athlete in regards to their placement in our weight training program until they are cleared to resume participation in their sport or until the end of the season.

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All juniors and seniors are required to participate in two major school activities per year. For many students, these activities will both be team sports. However, students may qualify for a second credit by receiving an endorsement from the Athletic Committee for significant leadership in another ongoing, time intensive, non-curricular activity such as music, performing arts student government or running a service program.


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